Trees sustain life on Earth
Learn why reforestation is the key element for success on climate change mitigation
Forests secure food supply
Growing population depends on reforestation to maintain soil fertility, ensuring millions of households around the world have access to food
Afforestation saves species
Forests provide habitat for bird and animal life, create biodiversity, protect living spaces from extreme weather, floods and landslides
Trees clear air from CO2
Plants take carbon dioxide from atmosphere and store it under ground, by turning CO2 into sugars using solar energy, water and minerals
“Reforestation and ecosystem restoration are well understood and suitable for Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) or ‘negative emissions’ activities”
— a new October 2018 report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states improved agricultural methods, reduced deforestation and changes in collective and individual behaviour may provide substantial co-benefits for air quality, biodiversity and sustainable development
“Forests are natural and most cost-effective solution to simultaneously reduce greenhouse gases emission, remove excess CO2 from the Earth's atmosphere, restore biodiversity, prevent and reverse desertification”
— according to the New York Declaration on Forests, afforestation can be used by any environmentally committed organizations, groups and individuals to mitigate global climate issues and impove standards of living
A method to create vibrant, diverse and self-sustainable communities starts with the appreciation of life around
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