Trees keep us healthy
Learn how plants strenghten our bodies and enhance quality of life
Trees can filter out atmospheric toxins
Plants can bind nitrogen dioxide (NO2), fine particles and ultradisperse particles (PM10) which shown to affect children's health and development
Trees remove bacteria and improve wellbeing
Plants produce antibacterial and antifungal phytoncides, boosting human immune system, immersing into a forest provides physical and phychological relief
Forests absorb storm water and lower CO2 levels
Photosynthesizing, plants bind CO2 into organic molecules, trees' root system retains water, preventing both floods and soil drought during hot weather
Trees cool the air and create shade
Nature-rich cities have their streets and buildings comfortably cooler by approximately 10-15°C in summer, so more trees means less conditioning
A method to create vibrant, diverse and self-sustainable communities starts with the appreciation of life around
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