Ambiforest recognizes the vital role of forests and importance of Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to the implementation of all SDGs
Regeneration of forests ensures 1.5bn people world-wide can rely on forests in their daily lives for food, medicinal plants, fuel and materials
Sustainable future depends on environmental awareness and education, sharing knowledge about climate and ecology, creating solutions to solve real world issues
Forests make cities and communities healthy by preventing soil drought, absorbing and filtering water, and than replenishing rivers and lakes
More than one-fourth of the world’s population relies on forest resources for livelihood and production which is a major source of economic growth and employment
Forests and agroecology provide a ground for implementation of self-sustainable eco-friendly models with both social and economic benefits, while taking care about future generations
Forests support biodiversity and provide safe climate change mitgation techinques, naturally cleaning the air, converting and conserving CO2
Ambiforest helps organizations to act from replenishing and restoring mindset, building economies and communities that thrive, while allowing the planet to thrive too
A method to create vibrant, diverse and self-sustainable communities starts with the appreciation of life around
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